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Ennyman's Territory Interview Part 2

Artist Daily Interview

10/21/2011 10:15
mprove your view: Web Share this on:   October 21, 2011 If You Don't Enjoy the Creative Process, Then It's...

Ennyman's Territory Interview Part 2

10/19/2011 20:37
Pioneer Productions Blog Interview 2011-10-15 09:52 Thursday, October 13, 2011 Ten Minutes with Artist Tonja Sell (Part II)   Yesterday began an interview with Tonja Sell, a painter and mixed media artist. What I liked about her work...


Ennyman's Territory Interview Part 3

10/19/2011 19:08
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Five More Minutes Multi-media artist Tonja Sell   Last week I shared some of multi-media artist Tonja Sell's work. I still had more questions for her, including where others can find her work and see it in person. She graciously replied. Ennyman:...

Minneapolis News- Tonja Sell

10/15/2011 12:01
Must See Art: Art Resources Gallery at International Market Square   Where to go: Art Resources Gallery, International Market Square 275 Market Street, Suite 166, Minneapolis, MN  55405 (Map) What to do: 1. Browse the wide selection of works Art Resources have one of the...

Oulu Glass - Tonja Sell

10/15/2011 11:58
Oulu Glass Is Made In The Northland   August 6, 2010 Updated Jan 11, 2010 at 12:16 AM CDT Posted by Dave Anderson "It's a wonderful three generation business. My father started blowing glass in the 60's and everything in the shop is made by someone in the family." says...

Pioneer Productions Ennyman's Territory Interview

10/15/2011 09:52
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Ten Minutes with Artist Tonja Sell (Part I)   Summertime in Duluth is a season of tourism, activities and events. One of these events that's near as reliable as the season is the Park Point Art Festival which this year had 122 exhibits of creative...